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NTHU Center for Arts and Culture

National Tsing Hua University Arts and Culture Center was officially established in August 2021. The center consists of three venues: An Arts Gallery (Hongliang Arts Gallery), a Concert Hall (Junshan Concert Hall), and a Cultural Relics Museum (Jieying Cultural Relics Museum). The university has concurrently hired cultural experts and professors with professional expertise as the directors of the three venues to assist in the construction and development of arts and culture at Tsing Hua University. The Arts and Culture Center is a first-level administrative unit of the university, responsible for integrating, coordinating, and planning various art and cultural activities on campus, as well as supporting the promotion of the three venues.

The predecessor of the Arts and Culture Center was the Tsing Hua Arts Center, established in 1988. The Arts Center has accumulated over thirty years of experience in exhibition planning, music and performing arts, film education, aesthetics education, cultural relic collection research and curation practices, and arts administration talent cultivation. The completion of internationally renowned venues such as the Hongliang Arts Gallery, Junshan Concert Hall, and Jieying Cultural Relics Museum is imminent. National Tsing Hua University Arts and Culture Center, with a foundation in Hsinchu and an international perspective, aims to create a diverse, friendly, and cross-disciplinary innovative artistic and cultural environment, opening up a new vision for arts and culture.

Hong Liang Art Museum

art museum

"Hong Liang Art Museum" was donated and built by Hsieh Hong Liang, an alumnus of the Class of 1973 from Department of Physics. The Art Gallery is located next to the large lawn on the south side of the campus. The design team, led by architects Guo Xuyuan and Huang Huimei, created a green building that integrates with the landscape of Tsing Hua. The architectural structure resembles three boxes rising amidst the greenery. Inside the building, there are spaces for permanent exhibitions, special exhibitions, and collections. It is the first internationally renowned modern art gallery in a top-tier university in Taiwan. Construction began in February of 2021.

National Tsing Hua University Concert Hall

concert hall

"NTHU Concert Hall" is a renovation project dedicated to commemorating former President Shen, Jun-Shan and transforming the century-old auditorium. The concert hall invited the original team from the Wei-Wu-Ying Center for the Arts, including architect Luo, Xing-Hua, lighting and sound team, and architectural acoustician Xu, Ya-Ying, to create a vineyard-style seating arrangement with audience seating surrounding the orchestra in a radial pattern. The renovation also includes improvements to the steel structure, expansion of backstage space, and rehearsal areas. Construction began in January of 2022.

National Tsing Hua University Heritage Museum (Jiey-Ing Heritage Museum)

heritage museum

"Jiey-Ing Heritage Museum" was donated by Dr. Zeng, Fan-Cheng, an honorary doctorate recipient of National Tsing Hua University and the Chairman of the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation. It is named "Jieying" after his parents. Professor Yang, Rur-Bin from the Department of Philosophy and Professor Fang, Sheng-Ping from the Department of Chinese Literature at National Tsing Hua University have contributed thousands of East Asian artifacts collected throughout his lifetime as the main collection of the museum. Located in the southern campus of National Tsing Hua University, construction began in September 2021, under the direction of renowned architect Huang, Sheng-Yuan.